Thursday, January 6, 2022

Virtual Meet this Saturday January 8th


Hello! Just a friendly reminder that this coming Saturday we will have our first meeting of 2022 virtually on Zoom. 

Due to the rapid increase in both cases of the COVID-19 and the hospitalizations the leadership team has decided to have this Saturday’s meeting virtually.  I intended to put this notice out Monday evening but the total lack of power and any reliable internet connection precluded that idea from coming to pass until tonight.

We have one clinic by Ken Montero who will be giving us “Kool Tools with Ken”.  Ken loves his tools and will be sharing some of his favorites along with others that well he is not sure why they are in the tool box.  Come and learn from Ken’s love of tools.

Door Prizes, Coffee and Donuts
Since we are virtual there will be no door prizes.  Please bring your own coffee and donuts.  The Super will try to open the room at 9 AM so we can sip, munch and catch up some before the first clinic

Layout Tours
We do not have one lined up but if some one wants to do an impromptu one please let the Super know.

White Elephant tables
If you have one thing you absolutely can’t wait to get rid of then put a for sale on it and have it in your video feed. Who knows you may get lucky.  But outside of that no formal sale this time.

Doors will open at 9 AM. 
First Clinic at 930 AM
Supers Update on the State of the Hobby.
Social Time
End around 1130 AM.

Saturday, January 1, 2022

January 8th Meeting Going Virtual

 It is with regret but believing it is the right thing to do that I am announcing that the January 8th meeting will be going virtual due to rising Covid-19 Omicron cases.  This is the consensus opinion of the leadership group.  

We will be holding a social time via Zoom in its place.  If we can offer a Zoom clinic and/or layout tour we will do that but with a short lead time it may not be possible.  If any of you can do so please let the Superintendent know of your availability or a lead to someone who is willing to give either one. 

Details about the Zoom clinic will be mailed to those on the Divisions email list.  

Thursday, December 9, 2021

NMRA President Gordy Robinson Interviewed

 In what I hope is the beginning of a long term trend Gordy Robinson the NMRA President was interviewed on Lionel Strang’s A Modelers Life.  It is worth listening to since Lionel in his own way even gives his friends a hard time while prying out information.  If you want to understand where we are going as an organization please listen.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Electronic Edition of NMRA Magazine Coming

 In a huge step forward the NMRA will be moving forward with the digital edition of the NMRA Magazine.  This will available to all members which is great news.  Life Members will still receive the print version along with the digital copy. Full announcement by Gordy Robinson

Monday, November 22, 2021

Coming up on the Holidays

 We are coming up on the holidays after the successful joint meeting with the Potomac Division.  There were many who helped out in so many positions to make this meeting a success.  If you have ideas for making it a better meeting please let one of the officers know your idea..  

We will be meeting next in January. The plan is to continue the Signal series and we are looking for one more clinic.  If you have an idea please let the Superintendent know about it.  

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Joint Meeting with Potomac Div This Saturday Nov 6th

 Just a reminder about the Joint Meeting with the Potomac Division this coming Saturday November 6th with the Potomac Division.  All the details are here

It will be a packed Saturday. 

Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Meeting still on for the 11th of September

 Our next in person meeting is still on for September 11th.  Please note we are asking everyone to where a mask and those who are not vaccinated (2 weeks past final shot) must where a mask.  Please bring proof of vaccination with you by having the original CDC card, a photocopy or a digital copy on your phone. 

The JRD will provide supplies for weathering and should have a number of cars for you to use if you do not have one available.  

A this time the open house is still on but it is restricted to those who are fully vaccinated while Bob asks that all attendees please wear a mask while inside his house.  

Virtual Meet this Saturday January 8th

  VIRTUAL JAMES RIVER MEETING THIS SATURDAY JANUARY 8TH ON ZOOM Hello! Just a friendly reminder that this  coming Saturday  we will have our...