Modeling Theme

Modeling themes for JRD NMRA meets 2022-2023

January 2022: Meeting Postponed

March 2022 : Vehicle/Equipment

May 2022: Open Hopper with or without a load

July 2022: Pulpwood Car

September 2022: Gondola with or without load 

November 2022: MOW Car (car must move on rail)

Past Modeling Themes

March 2018: Freight car with load

May 2018: MOW equipment

July 2018: Covered Hopper

September 2018: Off Line Structure

November 2018: Yard Tower

January 2019: Meeting Postponed

March 2019: Detailed Steam Locomotive

May 2019: Critter (Small Locomotive - Steam or Diesel)

July 2019: No Meeting

September 2019: Combination Depot

November 2019: Flat Car

January 2020: Coal Tower

March 2020: No Meeting

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