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Great Meeting in Warrenton

 The JRD and the Potomac Division had a great joint meeting in Warrenton today at Battlefield Baptist.  We appreciate the Church being so generous in the use of their space and in Jerry (Sonny) Stanley in working so closely with his fellow church members and Pastor all year to make this event go so smoothly. The Blunami Clinic had a virtual handout which is now updated and this is the LINK .. Plans are already underway to hopefully return next November.  Everyone had a great time and the 3 layout tours were a wonderful way to top off the day.. There are many photos posted on Facebook and many will appear in the next Crossties.  Below are a few from the Layout Tour 
  Potomac Division Joint Meet with James River Set for November 5 th    The Potomac Division’s annual Joint Meet with James River will take place on Saturday, November 5 th  at the Battlefield Baptist Church in Warrenton, Virginia, starting at 9 AM.    There   will be door prizes, a white elephant table, model judging and a popular vote contest with the theme of Maintenance of Way (MoW) cars —  coincidentally, also  our  Division’s  Challenge category for the  December-January  Flyer  issue. The centerpiece of the eve n t will be clinics. The following are already scheduled:   ​ Ken Wilson on Rolling Stock Brake Systems ​ Brian Sheron, MMR, on Making An Operational Grade Crossing Signal ​ Norm Reid  &  Jeffrey Fleisher   on Model Railroad Photography  ​ George Gaige on Building a n  Operating Water Tank ​ Phil Taylor on SoundTraxx Blunami  ​ Ernie Little on Decoder Pro Entry is free as is the parking. We will pass the hat to take up a donation fo r the church. Past donations from t