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November 16th Meetup

November  16, 2019 ,   Modeling Outreach Program Event – A Joint Event with the James River Division On Saturday the 16th of November ,  we’re in for a bit of treat as the Potomac Division  in company with  the James River Division to have a day together for several clinics, some layouts to visit, and lots of time for socialization where we can talk about model railroading together.  Doors open at 9 am and we’ll gather together in Room 109 for a few words, a cup of coffee, and maybe even a donut or two. After that we’ll have two tracks for clinics where you will have a selection of four clinics before lunch. After the clinics, we are planning  to  hold an open discussion on the Achievement Program where you can bring your models and we can either  do an evaluation for an award  or just discuss whatever you want regarding all aspects of the Achievement Program with at least three MMR’s. We’ll have a modeling theme as well so that you can bring your models for display and popular