Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Annual Meeting at Fredericksburg Meeting

 Our annual meeting for the James River Division will be on January 13, 2024 during the meeting in Fredericksburg, VA.  Please contact the Superintendent or Ken Montero if you wish to run for office or have an agenda item. 


1. Election of Officers

2. New Business

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Workshop 2 for Fredericksburg - Manifest Destiny — Expanding the USMRR Aquia Line by Bernie Kempinski

Manifest Destiny — Expanding the USMRR Aquia Line by

Bernie Kempinski

It is a well-known axiom that model railroads expand to fill all available space. Bernie will describe how he used system analysis tools to help design the optimal plan for his expanding O Scale USMRR Aquia Line railroad. He’ll also discuss what’s new on the railroad including an automated telegraph, random events, time table and train order operations in the 19th century. If you’re not interested in the techy stuff, there will be plenty of pretty pictures, bad jokes, and dancing girls. There will even be a movie. Just kidding about the dancing girls, but come anyway.

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Decoder Pro Clinic at Hobby Barn December 9th

 For those who missed the JMRI Decoder Pro Clinic at the November Joint Meeting there will be another chance at Jerry Stanley's Hobby Barn on December 9th. Space is limited.  

Follow this Link for full details and reservation form

Workshop 1 for Fredericksburg in January

 Kurt Thompson, MMR®, Chesapeake Division’s AP Director will go over the requirements and paperwork needed for a member to earn this AP certificate. In a setting more of a seminar than a clinic, Kurt will also present the paperwork he submitted 25 years ago when he earned his first AP certificate. If you are interested in seeing through the “fog of the requirements” or just have some questions about your own paperwork, this clinic is for you. Bring along your paperwork as there will be time for questions and answers as well as some input about your paperwork. Remember that this certificate was easy enough that Kurt earned his.

Link to Meeting location at the Howell Branch of the Rappahannock Central Library

Upcoming Clinic at Jerry Stanleys Hobby Barn on Tinkercad

  WHAT:  POTOMAC DIVISION Hobby Barn Clinic WHEN: SATURDAY, April 13th, 2024 TIME:   The clinic will start at 10 AM and go until done TOPIC:...