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Weekend Reading Material

Most model railroaders in the dominant scales of HO and N would be hard pressed to name an S Scale layout they had seen in person.  I am talking about S Scale and not American Flyer which is still fun but usually is considered part of the toy trains realm. So when folks hear 'S Scale' they tend to tune out the message.  Perhaps it is time to listen up and look what is going on in S Scale.  One of my favorite publications is the S Scale Resource .  This is a free publication and worth the time to peruse the every other month issues.  The new issue has a large point to point layout designed for operation in it.  This should make us rethink our preconceived notions of what is S Scale.  Follow this link  to the current issue. [This post is from my personal model railroad blog Trainvision and used by permission]

JRD Members Meeting Survey

JRD members who are on the mailing list should have received an email with a link to a survey about the last meeting.  Please take some time and fill out the survey.  Ross has put together a way for you to tell us anonymously what you think about the meetings.  We do review the remarks and try to adjust things where we can adjust them.  Thanks for participating.

Great JRD Meeting Saturday

We had a great meeting the past Saturday.  John told us about Chain Link Fences while Martin explained contest judging and how to use it as a tool to make better models.  George opened his large and impressive layout to us. Thanks to all who helped setup and put away the chairs and tables.  The contest had some great entries and was well run by my Mike and Howard. Don and Jerry manned the entrance desk.  Thanks to all who made a great meeting. John has provided a copy of his presentation as a downloadable handout.  The Chain Link handout  file comes in either full size or compact size .

Meeting this Saturday

Meeting this Saturday The James River Division of the NMRA will meet this Saturday in Palmyra VA.  Directions to the Fluvanna County Public Library and details are available through this LINK We will have two clinics.  John will be talking about modeling chain link fences which are appropriate from WWI to present while Martin will be discussing how the NMRA Model Judging can be used to improve your modeling. SALE - Ken is at it again helping a fellow modeler with disposal of his collection due to health conditions.  Deliveries will be at the meet.  Please follow this  LINK   to letter from Ken, Order Form and the multiple spreadsheets.  Yes, multiple spreadsheets.   The contest will be photographs.  Bring your model and prototype photos.   Layout Tour - George Gaige's GGRR which has been seen in MR Trackside photos.  George has done a lot of work since his last open house.  Come and see Traffic Alert - There is a major event about a mile west o