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Next In Person Meet: May 11th, 2024

Powhatan, VA

Meeting at Chadwick & Son Orchids Greenhouse in the adjacent "Meeting Barn"
Address:  1240 Dorset Road, Powhatan, Virginia. It is South of the unincorporated area called Flat Rock on U.S 60 (Anderson Highway). Dorset Road starts at a "T" intersection with a stop light on U.S. 60. 
Dorset Road intersection on U.S. 60 is east of the Town of Powhatan and west of the Jude's Ferry Road intersection with a stoplight. Sheetz across from the intersection.
General info: From U.S. 60 stoplight at Dorset Road, proceed south on Dorset Road approximately 3 miles. Chadwick & Son Orchids is on the left side. Look for a business sign "Chadwick's Orchids"  and a light tan/yellow 1938 Studebaker parked at the driveway entrance. 
Turn onto the dirt driveway. Chadwick's is about 500 yards down the driveway on the left side. Go past the greenhouses to a multi-story barn with a 1950's Studebaker painted in light blue at the barn. Do not block driveway - other landowners beyond Chadwick's also use the driveway.

Dress comfortably - the barn has fans, chairs, tables and lights - it an open-air building. No air conditioning.
Workshop 1 - Creating a well-built base for an Outdoor Railroad.  Art Chadwick has constructed a small but substantial roadbed to support a functional G Scale ourdoor railroad. Art will describe how he built it. The railroad is next to the main entrance to the main greenhouse.

Workshop 2 - Conifer Tree Make and Take - Bill Arhaus will demonstrate how to build conifer trees of various sizes.  As part of the workshop attendees will be able to make one of the smaller trees to take home for their layout.  

Layout Tours

Layout 1 - John Schule - Basment filling layouts - details to follow

Layout 2 - Mike Bonner - details to follow

Modeling Theme - Vehicles

Future Modeling Themes

    July 2024 - Trackside Structures

    September 2024 - Tank Car

    November 2024 - Covered Hopper



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Meeting This Saturday in Powhatan, VA

Meeting in Powhatan, VA Meeting starts at 930 AM Meeting  Location:  C hadwicks Orchards  1240 Dorset Rd, Powhatan, VA Workshop 1 - Creating...