Meeting this Saturday

Meeting this Saturday

The James River Division of the NMRA will meet this Saturday in Palmyra VA.  Directions to the Fluvanna County Public Library and details are available through this LINK

We will have two clinics.  John will be talking about modeling chain link fences which are appropriate from WWI to present while Martin will be discussing how the NMRA Model Judging can be used to improve your modeling.

SALE - Ken is at it again helping a fellow modeler with disposal of his collection due to health conditions.  Deliveries will be at the meet.  Please follow this LINK  to letter from Ken, Order Form and the multiple spreadsheets.  Yes, multiple spreadsheets.  

The contest will be photographs.  Bring your model and prototype photos.  

Layout Tour - George Gaige's GGRR which has been seen in MR Trackside photos.  George has done a lot of work since his last open house.  Come and see

Traffic Alert - There is a major event about a mile west of the library on Route 53.  If you are coming from Charlottesville on Route 53 you may experience a delay.  We recommend you come to the Library from the Palmyra end of 53. 


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