Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mid Atlantic Prototype Modelers Meet Part 1

Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of September saw the inaugural Mid Atlantic Prototype Modelers  Meet being held in Stafford, VA.  This was the first RPM meet in Virginia and the first in the JRD.  Several JRD members were present and JRD member Gerry Fitzgerald was a presenter.  The Saturday presentations were all solid and a good report was heard about Bernie Kempinski's Civil War talk on Friday.

The venue had its challenges with a boat storage house being used as the clinic room.  There was plenty of space here and the weather was fantastic.  Here the closing clinic is giving and overview of using LED lighting in theory and practice.

Of course, there were more challenges than just the size.  The interruptions were the most unusual ever experienced at an RPM meet.

Yes, the loading and unloading of boats is probably a first for an RPM meet.

Of course, with every bad interruption there are good ones.

All photos are courtesy of Gerry Fitzgerald, text by Philip Taylor

End of part one

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