Thursday, September 4, 2014

Midlothian Meet on the 20th starting at 930 AM

It is just over two weeks until our next meet in Midlothian. See the Meetings tab for location information, but it is at the same Church we meet at every year.

Rick Lull will be showing shots from his trip to NMRA National and bring us up to speed on the goings on at National.  The other topic he is covering is the NMRA Net.  If you say "Whats That?" then you will get an overview of what is coming next to control your accessories so that they all talk to each other and make it easier for you to add things like signals to your DCC layout.

Bernie Kempinski is ready to unleash the dogs of war or at least discuss them as they relate to model railroads.  Model Railroaders tend to miss a great opportunity to model a period with high traffic, large numbers of special moves and unusual loads.  This summer being the 100th anniversary of the start of WWI makes the topic highly relevant to the modeler as that is one of the most overlooked eras to model both at home and in the trenches.

Come and join us.  Rick will start at 930 and Bernie will start at 1030. This is earlier than normal but we will need to get moving to fit everything into the program.

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